West Coast Fencing Academy offers classes for all ages and skill groups, and provides equal support for both recreational and competitive fencers. The classes are separated into 5 different levels, ranging from Youth and beginners fencers to Elite and advanced fencers. Each level develops different techniques and skill sets related to fencing. The program varies for each athlete depending on Fencer’s physical and technical conditions.

If you wish to try fencing out, join our first class for FREE! We also highly suggest adding private lessons to your fencing preparation.

To become a member of WCFA, you will have to sign up for a $100 monthly membership or register for group classes, where membership fee is included.

Per USA Fencing requirements, every fencer that registers in WCFA must become a member of USA Fencing to be covered by insurance. New fencers should register at USA Fencing here. Non-competitive USA Fencing membership costs $10 per fencing season (July 31 current year – July 31 next year).