Competitions & Team Coaching


West Coach Fencing Academy believes that the best fencers go to competitions with a team coach. Team coaches are supportive, offer positive advice, help fencers to stay focused. Competition coaching, which includes strip coaching whenever possible, not only offers a more positive experience for the individual fencer but also for the fencing team as a whole. A team coach is also there to observe and see mistakes or issues for individual fencers during competitions. This enables coaches to address and fix issues in further classes and training sessions thus creating better future competitions and experiences for the fencers.

Team Coach Cost

Local Competitions

1/2 day:

  • One Coach - $100 
  • Two Coaches - $150 

Full Day:

  • One Coach - $150 
  • Two Coaches - $250

National Competitions 

One Coach - $350/day + expenses

The per day costs are divided up by all fencers attending a competition allowing the individual student costs to be reduced. West Coach Fencing Academy is a competitive fencing club. We promote competition and encourage fencers to join and work together as a team when attending competitions.

Local & National Fencing Events

Find local and national fencing events where fencers and coaches from West Coast Fencing Academy will participate on our Fencing Calendar page.

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