Fencing private lessons is one of the best methods to elevate a student’s technical and tactical abilities.

Coaches create individual programs tailored to each student’s abilities and needs. This helps the fencers learn more about their unique advantages while also correcting any disadvantages and mistakes. In addition, the private lesson offers new tactics and techniques as students progress. The duration of a private lesson is 20 minutes and only available for the members of the club. Please come 15 minutes ahead of lessons to warm up and stretch.

Private lessons are for the fencers of all levels, however, the higher the fencer’s ability, the more lessons are recommended.


One-on-one sessions are available Monday through Saturday. Check the availability with WCFA management. Please note that your lessons must be rescheduled 24 hours in advance.


$250 – Starter package 5 private lessons (no membership)

$500 – $600 for 10 lessons, depending on the coach


The club membership ($100 per month) is included in the price of all classes. This fee only applies to fencers that are not enrolled in the classes. You can find the schedule for your lessons here once you become a member.